Michele Rizzo, HIGHER xtn. performance

July 17, 2022, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
  • | 20 The Cleveland Museum of Art
  • Ames Family Atrium

    What sites offer freedom for self-expression?

    Newly adapted for the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Ames Family Atrium, Michele Rizzo’s choreographic work HIGHER xtn considers the unique spaces of nightclubs and the ways they afford both self-expression and community for the dancers who frequent them. Throughout the piece, a group of trained dancers perform minimal, repetitive movements to a hypnotic electronic soundtrack. In sync and yet seemingly oblivious to each other, their bodies move in unison and form a single cohesive whole—transforming the intimate anonymity of a club into a public spectacle within one of Cleveland’s largest civic indoor spaces.

    Through dance, Michele Rizzo explores individual psychology and collective rituals. His work straddles contemporary art and performance. By exploring music and synchronous movement as fundamental forms of human togetherness, Rizzo’s approach resonates with one of FRONT International 2022’s central considerations: how can art offer experiences of shared joy that create community despite difference?