The Pod of Dust and Rainbows, Ep. 3: “Daily Practice”

September 22, 11:30 am – October 2, 5:00 pm

Episode three is all about the richness and variety of daily practice. Follow FRONT artists and staff through the arc of a day as they tell us in real time about the habits and routines that help them stay focused, creative, and happy. With special guest Amitava Kumar reporting from his year in London, FRONT 2018 curator Michelle Grabner stuck in a castle in Italy, FRONT 2022 Artist Loraine Lynne driving around Toledo—and much, much more!

The Pod of Dust and Rainbows has been made to accompany the 2022 edition of FRONT International: The Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art.

The show is hosted and produced by Dr. Lady J & Kenyon Farrow, recorded at the Studio West 117 and West 117 Foundation podcast studio.

This project was made possible with generous support from Cuyahoga Arts and Culture.

Dushko Petrovich Córdova, executive producer. Naomi Columna, sound design. Theme music by Elephant Ornament.

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