Asad Raza

  • What tools do we use to navigate our lives, to locate ourselves?

    Asad Raza is developing an ambitious multi-part commission for FRONT, encompassing a journey with a song and an outdoor astronomical observatory for children.

    In advance of the Triennial, Raza will embark on a community-building journey with a small group from his birthplace of Buffalo, New York, who will navigate with him to Cleveland while collaboratively composing a song that references indigenous oral traditions and culture.

    Raza will also develop an architectural construction in University Circle, Cleveland’s vibrant cultural hub. The installation, alluding to the eighteenth-century astronomical observatories in India known as the Jantar Mantar structures, is designed to include an equinoctial sundial, allowing for precise viewing of shadows and the movement of the sun and the moon. Sized for children, the structure will allow for observation and exploration, proposing small folds in time and place and centering the experiences of activity and play. Reimagining an architecture that predates the modern city of Cleveland— ‘founded’ in 1796—the project speaks to experiences of colonialism and indigenous culture that continue to mark the United States today.

    Facilitating a multi-modal group project that unfolds over time and space, Raza will explore how we navigate the world, and create community, over time and space.

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