Cooking Sections

  • Are we getting enough air?

    Cooking Sections, a duo of London-based spatial practitioners recently named as 2021 Turner Prize nominees, explore the overlapping boundaries between art, architecture, ecology and geopolitics. Starting from the marked hypoxia—lack of oxygen—in and around Lake Erie, Cooking Sections will investigate the impact of hypoxia and suffocation in both human and non-human species inhabiting the shores of the lake. Through a series of conversations and interviews with local experts, activists, and residents, Cooking Sections will explore the interrelated environmental, social, economic, and health care disparities that impact access to oxygen, clean air, and water. The commission will result in an outdoor installation on the waterfront and an adjacent research-focused gallery exhibition at SPACES. Documenting the wide-ranging impact of hypoxia over time, this project anchors the Triennial’s exploration of environmental fragility and of healing as an ongoing cycle of repair.

    Describing Cooking Sections’ practice, FRONT Artistic Director Prem Krishnamurthy says: “What's remarkable about their work is that they don't make simple judgments or statements about environmental questions—instead they take a nuanced, richly layered approach to a given subject that accounts for many different actors. ”

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