Nicole Eisenman

born 1965, Verdun, France
lives in Brooklyn

In 2012, Nicole Eisenman embarked on an intensive venture into printmaking. A prolific and highly influential painter and sculptor, the artist recasts art historical motifs in contemporary settings, often exploring experiences of community and isolation in today’s world. Over the past ten years, Eisenman has immersed themself in the expansive possibilities offered by the graphic arts alongside their work in other media.

Nicole Eisenman: A Decade of Printing presented works made by the artist at three New York–based print shops: 10 Grand Press, Harlan & Weaver, and Jungle Press. In close collaboration with master printers there, Eisenman has experimented with a range of print-making techniques—including monotype, woodcut, etching, and lithography—and explored the unique traits of each. Drawn from the collections of the artist and their collaborators, the works on view reveal how printmaking has emerged as a primary vehicle for Eisenman to explore foundational themes and ideas, considering and translating them inventively across media.

This show’s focus on printmaking processes—and their reliance on collaboration in particular—relates to FRONT 2022’s emphasis on art as an essentially social practice and not only the product of lone genius.

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