Scott Mars

Scott has been creating art for as long as he can remember. He started with painting and began to experiment with different media and materials like ceramics and weaving which he likes to incorporate into his paintings. Scott believes “each time with a canvas is a new experience” to create and explore.

Scott says “I love the fact that art can be an atmosphere, a place you can go where you create positive works, then positivity is reflected in your life.” It doesn’t end in the studio for Scott, “I can take it further (the artwork) at home and in my time away from the studio and I also research at home.” Scott has explored many media and materials; he currently is most comfortable with clay and enjoys the organic and fun qualities of the material. Scott also enjoyed the healing capabilities of the experience of weaving and the ability to incorporate natural materials into weaving was an appealing way to tell a visual story.

Most of all, Scott enjoys the process, “I enjoy that I am present in the moment when I am doing the work and I can evaluate things (history, research, cultures, and materials). I want to share my happiness and allow others to see things in a new way.”

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