FRONT 2022 at Cleveland Museum of Art:
11150 East Blvd. Cleveland, OH 44106
Visiting Hours
Tues: 10:00am–5:00pm
Wed: 10:00am–9:00pm
Thurs: 10:00am–5:00pm
Fri: 10:00am–9:00pm
Sat: 10:00am–5:00pm
Sun: 10:00am–5:00pm

On view through November 6, 2022:
Matt Eich and Tyler Mitchell: Sunlight, Shadow, and a Rainbow

Mark Schwartz and Bettina Katz Photography Galleries │ Gallery 230

On view through November 13, 2022:
Julie Mehretu: Portals

Julia and Larry Pollock Focus Gallery | Gallery 010

On view through December 31, 2022:
Nicole Eisenman: A Decade of Printing
James and Hanna Bartlett Prints and Drawings Gallery | Gallery 101

On view through January 15, 2023:
Firelei Báez: the vast ocean of all possibilities (19°36'16.9"N 72°13'07.0"W, 41°30'32.3"N 81°36'41.7"W)
Betty T. and David M. Schneider Gallery of European Sculpture | Gallery 218

FRONT 2022 at Allen Memorial Art Museum:
87 N Main St. Oberlin, OH 44074
Visiting Hours

Sat: 1:00–5:00pm

On view through December 23, 2023:
Bakunin's Barricade: Ahmet Öğüt
In Ellen Johnson Gallery

FRONT 2022 at moCa:
11400 Euclid Ave. Cleveland OH 44106
Visiting Hours

Thurs–Sun: 11am–5pm

On view through December 31, 2022:
Renée Green: Contact

FRONT at the National Museum of Psychology at Cummings Center:
73 S College St. Akron, OH 44325
Visiting Hours

Tues: 11:00am–4:00pm
Wed: 1:00pm–8:00pm
Thurs–Sat: 11:00am–4:00pm

On view through May 27, 2023:
Cassie Thornton: The Hologram