Meet Us At Jukebox Cleveland

March 30, 2020 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

WHISPER SESSIONS are a flexible platform for artists, arts workers, and curious folk to dialogue on big ideas, build skills, or present a developing creative praxis — catered to culture producers seeking a forum for growth. Join Meghana Karnik and Lo Smith for a briefer on the curatorial progress of FRONT 2021 and stick around for a post-discussion, where the two will welcome questions and conversation on how to participate in FRONT 2021 and future WHISPER SESSIONS.

Meghana 02

Meghana Karnik is a curator, arts administrator, and artist who organizes culturally responsive and artist-centered projects. She is interested in discourses that connect art with social change, care, and magic. She is a Cleveland native.

Lo 01

Lo Smith is an artist and curator born and raised in Cleveland, and as a result, is both aggressively midwestern and unapologetically black. Their art and curatorial practice intersect at sites of careful listening where they create space for and give power to marginalized bodies. They are interested in unraveling revisionist histories, the power of print, and growing things where they’re not supposed to be.