2018’s must-see art shows are in Bangkok and Ohio—not Venice and Paris

Jan. 04, 2018

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Mention the word “biennial” to any aesthete and the places that come to mind are likely to be Venice, Berlin, and Paris. But in the contemporary art world, the large-scale recurring exhibitions that take place every two or three years (the latter, of course, called a triennial) are becoming more diverse and global than ever.

And if art fairs are your thing, the year ahead is set to be the ultimate year for biennial and art-related tourism. As artnet noted, 2017 was pretty stellar for art events and included “a once-in-a-decade affair that saw the dates of the Venice Biennale, documenta, and (Germany’s) Skulptur Projekte Münster align.” The Venice event, which is perhaps the most prestigious, saw well over half a million visitors, which was nearly a quarter more than its last installment in 2015.