The Cleveland Israel Arts Connection Presents: Culture Fix CLE

Jul. 29, 2022

The Cleveland Israel Arts Connection Presents:
Culture Fix CLE

Healing Our Community Through the Arts

An installation by Tel Aviv artists Dede Bandaid and Nitzan Mintz in collaboration with local photographer Daniel Levin.

In Dede’s words, Culture Fix is, “An ongoing series influenced by the sad situation of local culture these days when the local culture industry suffers from the epidemic outcomes and the limitations on gatherings. In this ongoing project I wish to get to as many creators as I can and give a humble stage of my own for her/him to show on, in front of the passers-by in the public space.


  • To provide a visual narration of the harm to arts and culture that has been damaged by the pandemic.
  • To build cultural bridges between Israeli and American art.
  • To connect with the community through the universal theme of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world. Dede’s Culture Fix is a physical manifestation of healing. By embracing local creators with his signature imagery of Band-Aids, Dede begins the process of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world.


Dede Bandaid & Nitzan Mintz


(Credit: Daniel Levin Photography)

Dede is an urban narrative artist. Nitzan Mintz is an artist and street poet. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, they are constantly seeking new opportunities to create innovative artworks. They each began creating artwork while in the military where they found a public audience. Dede has become synonymous with Israeli street art, having used Tel Aviv as a canvas for more than two decades. “Dede” is a pseudonym for the artist’s real name which he keeps hidden. He is responsible for the hundreds of bandaid images decorating the streets of Tel Aviv. This symbol is of particular importance to the artist:

“[The bandaid] is therapy that my body has independently invented, and it helped me through some of the hardest phases of my life. I used to spend long nights drawing bandaids all over the city and with each drawing I felt a sense of relief, as if I was telling everybody about my problems and they all listened, understood, and supported me.”

In Culture Fix CLE, Dede uses his signature bandaid imagery to communicate both the personal and societal difficulties and joys of seventeen Cleveland visual artists, musicians, performance artists, curators, and patrons.

“The whole world has been affected by the pandemic and this was the inspiration for this specific project when all the musicians and artists from different fields couldn’t perform or exhibit their works or be seen – I felt at least. Me and Nitzan, my partner … we both felt very strongly the urge to be in touch with the audience, to keep sharing our concept, ideas.”

Life-sized photographs were composed and staged by Dede and Nitzan during which they draped the exaggerated bandaid images across the artists’ bodies. Each of the artists in this Culture Fix CLE project are also identified by a reference to their artistic practice representing their role in making impactful changes in our society, demonstrating how our Cleveland artistic community is fortified and made more provocative.

Dede and Nitzan combine their creative energies as a tool for observation, directing attention to conditions that are often overlooked as we go about our daily lives. Their artwork is made up of a combination of wit, humor, and clarity, always displaying elaborate technique and intention.
Their works can be viewed at galleries, exhibition spaces, various art events and in the streets of art capitals around the world, such as London, New York, Berlin, Prague, Tel-Aviv, and of course, Cleveland, Ohio!


Culture Fix CLE installations can be found in these Cleveland neighborhoods:
  • Beachwood Campus
  • Cedar-Lee Business District
  • Coventry Village
  • Gateway District
  • Hingetown/Ohio City
  • Little Italy
  • Playhouse Square
  • Slavic Village
  • University Circle
  • Van Aken District
  • Warehouse District
  • Waterloo Arts District


Christopher Coles

Jazz Saxophone



Dee Jay Doc

Founder and Executive Director of Refresh Collective

Tears came to my eyes as I was being photographed with large bandaids around my body. Through my work with Cleveland youth, I know the hurt and damage caused by multiple traumas. Healing is needed for our young people who experience inequities that many do not even know about. I believe in the healing power of the arts and I see it during every Refresh Collective program. Together, we can fix our culture and bring bandaids to each other through each song, painting, dance and kind act of love. Thank you, Dede!

Web:, refreshcollective.orgSocial Media: IG @deejaydoc, @refreshthecity, @refreshprintshop FB @refreshcollective YT @refreshcollectiive

Elizabeth Emery

Podcast Host & Producer, Artist

Taking part in Culture Fix reminded me how vital, fun, restorative, and energizing it is to work with and be together with other human beings. It is easy to slip into solitude but it is community that gives us life.

Social Media: FB @hearhersports IG @emeryspeaking TW @emeryspeaking


Amber N. Ford


Social Media: IG & @Ford.Foto


Roe Green

Honorary Producer, Cleveland Israel Arts Connection

Culture Fix CLE is a visual art installation with that perfect combination of timing and messaging. Now, more than ever, our community needs the power that all the arts provide to begin the process of healing from the pandemic and the cultural struggles we are currently facing.



Josh Innerst


Bouncing back after the past few years has been a challenge as we’ve seen so many local artists have to walk away from their calling in an effort to stay afloat. Patching ourselves together isn’t easy but the process has already underway. Any opportunity to be in the room with a group of like-minded people is a gift. In a culture where intolerance and violence are continually being given a platform, celebrating the decision to heal and breathe is a worthwhile endeavor.

Social Media: IG @josh.innerst FB JoshInnerst




My work is about memory and the echo chambers of memory - a perpetual feedback loop of patterns that creates consciousness. I use the symbols, images, and gestures that encode meaning and form the units from which we tell our stories, and that paradoxically both limit and expand human possibility.

Social Media: IG @kasumifilms FB @kasumifilms TT @kasumifilms YT @kasumifilms


Héctor Castellanos Lara

Artistic Director of Día de Muertos Ohio, Visual Multimedia Artist

The art is the most powerful force to bring the world together no matter what color you are, we are all united in this planet we call earth. As a visual artist we are responsible to document every moment in our lives and share with the entire humanity WE R ONE.



Treva Offutt

Visual and Performing Artist, Educator, and Arts Administrator

My life revolves around the power of the arts to heal, generate and sustain communities, inspire youth, and open up difficult topics for discussion and change. Art adds color, scale, texture, context, reflection, and the potential for joy. Culture Fix CLE is an example of the community artists create through collaboration. These installations are a reminder of our push forward together, dressing our wounds through self-expression while addressing our world knowing that the impact of our work can be transformative.



René Schiffer

I am pictured with my beloved 5-string violoncello piccolo. Normally I am not a fan of conceptual art, because to me, if traditional art is good the concepts are already in it. In this case I could find myself in the bandages, not simply because of Covid, but also because of how certain people in leadership positions can dominate those beneath them.



David Shimotakahara

Executive Artistic Director GroundWorks DanceTheater

Dance - both in how it is made and experienced is essentially about human connection. At a time when the scale of problems we are facing on a daily basis can seem overwhelming - can make us feel small and isolated. The power to move, to touch and be touched can inspire renewed hope in our need for each other.

Social Media: IG @groundworksdance FB @groundworksdancetheater TW @GroundWorksDanc


Celina Naima Speck

Professional Dancer

During this pandemic people around me and myself find comfort in movies, music, dance, and other art forms. If all people practice curiosity, the arts have the power to build bridges where there were abysses before. I love the band-aid approach of Culture Fix because in a way it is so literal, while still leaving space for interpretation.

Social Media: IG @celinanaima


Loung Ung

Author, Activist, Entrepreneur

Culture Fix Art brings our vision out of the surroundings to a place of curiosity, beauty, and joy. This broadens hearts and minds, a necessary first step to bringing people together

Social Media: IG FB @LoungUngAuthor YT @LoungUngAuthor


Amitai Vardi

Associate Professor of Clarinet

I have always believed that in order to have a thriving society it must be lead and influenced by artists and their art.



Mary Verdi-Fletcher

President/Founding Artistic Director Dancing Wheels Company & School

The arts are at the helm of bringing our world together. Through the arts, we can learn, better understand and immerse ourselves in other cultures. We can heal in times of devastation and expresses ourselves many times without saying a word as in the Culture Fix project which speaks to humanity and our quest to unite.



Jackie Warren

Jazz Pianist



Antwoine Washington

Visual Artist

I personally think the Culture Fix CLE was a great way to use art as a healing mechanism and a creative tool to spark the idea of change.

Social Media: IG @antwoinewashington


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Culture Fix CLE would not be possible without the incredible help from:

Leadership Team
Sara Hurand, Chair, Culture Fix CLE
Roe Green, Co-Chair, Cleveland Israel Arts Connection
Erica Hartman-Horvitz, Co-Chair, Cleveland Israel Arts Connection
Daniel Levin, Photography
Matt Garson, Site Selection
Susan Wasserman, Documentarian
Josh Werling, Director, Cleveland Institute of Art Digital Output Center
Hedy Milgrom, Senior Development Officer
Debbie Yasinow, Director, Cleveland Israel Arts Connection

Artist Selection & Coordination
Fred Bidwell
Lisa Kurzner
Leora Lanzola
Nathan Motta
Terri Pontremoli
Beth Rutkowski
Noha Ryder
Tony Sias
Mary Verdi-Fletcher

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Karen Levinsky
Audrey Ray
Jessica Robins
Maddie Schwartz
Zelda Thayer-Hansen
Tully Worren

Daniel Levin
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Beth Segal Photography, location

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