Youth for FRONT

Mar. 07, 2022

Attention Students!

FRONT needs you to help spread the word about the contemporary art festival that will be the must-see event of the summer.

FRONT International is a free, summer-long, public art festival that takes place across Northeast Ohio every three years. In July of next year, scores of artists from around the world will share their work in museums, galleries, and unusual spaces and places all around Cleveland and Akron, and Oberlin.

In 2018, FRONT revealed projects that ranged from giant murals and sculptures to 3d films, photographs, paintings, and drawings. The New York Times called FRONT “an artistic scavenger hunt with civic pride,” and we think that’s a good way of describing it. The art of FRONT is inspiring, surprising, and provocative and it never fails to stimulate new ideas and conversations. That’s where you come in.

If you are a high-school student who is interested in art and creativity, FRONT is something you should know about. If you are interested in exploring your own creativity and learning more, FRONT has opportunities for you to get involved.

  • FRONT Paid Internships: FRONT will offer 10-30 students paid internships during the summer run of the show for assignments such as staffing the FRONT Exhibition Hub and visitor center, staffing FRONT off-site exhibitions and installations, staffing FRONT programming and events, and assisting with gathering visitor data and survey results.

  • FRONT Volunteer Experiences: FRONT will invite students to engage and participate in FRONT programming and events as volunteers and will provide support through regular briefing and training experiences that will allow them to gain real-world experience as “Youth Ambassadors” for FRONT focused on providing the best possible visitor experience while gaining in-depth exposure to the art, artists and programming of FRONT.