Amanda D. King

Amanda D. King is a creative strategist and entrepreneur pursuing justice and equity in the arts and society. A conceptual artist, social justice advocate, and educator, Amanda uses arts and culture to envision possibilities for transforming individuals, communities, and society.Amanda’s expertise in jurisprudence, art history, culture, and fashion inform her socially engaged practice, which utilizes visual communication & design, creative consulting, and arts education to mobilize her community and reciprocate grace.Amanda is co-founder of Shooting Without Bullets (SWOB) – a nonprofit social enterprise operating as a creative agency and production company. Through methods of cultural production, artist education & development, and advocacy, SWOB’s artistic activism model facilitates creative problem-solving in response to challenges in the arts and society. As Creative Director, Amanda designs, develops, and materializes the creative vision of the enterprise to fulfill the agency’s mission.Amanda earned a JD at Case Western Reserve University School of Law and a BA in art history at Bryn Mawr College.