Charmaine Spencer

While attending the Cleveland Institute of Art I was recipient of the William McVey Award for Excellence in Sculpture and curated my first professional solo exhibition, Rising/​Bound, at Groop Gallery. Other awards include the 2020 Ohio Arts Council ADAP Grant, the 2010 Ingenuity Project Award, a program of Ingenuity Fest, of Artsand Technology, Inc and the 2009 Creative Workforce Fellowship, a program of Community Partnership for Arts And Cul​ture​.My early work has been exhibited at Cleveland State University Gallery, Groop Gallery and Spaces, among others. In addition in 2016 I created Harmonic, a 18’ x 18’ Site-pacific Public Commissions Installed at the Hilton Downtown Cleveland. 2018 CAN Triennial exhibition and in 2019 I participated with the artist archives of the Western Reserve and they’re seenUNseen exhibition. The year of augmented reality was 2021, in which I created a physical work that was viewed at Woodland cemetery, through augmented reality. The physical work was also viewed at The Sculpture Center’s CrossRoads exhibition along with interactive augmented reality. At the beginning of this year, I again showed my newest work at the Sculpture Center for my solo exhibition From:Seed To:Root.Today I am artist, owner and curator of my studio/​gallery Studio 302 of the 78th Street Studios.